How to Build with MinGW64 on Windows 7

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Wed Dec 7 18:50:37 CET 2011

"Thomas D. Dean" <tomdean at> writes:

  On Wed, 2011-12-07 at 12:27 +0100, Torbjorn Granlund wrote:
  > "Thomas D. Dean" <tomdean at> writes:
  >   I have mingw64 on a windows 7 64 bit system.
  >   I have the source gmp-5.0.2.
  >   configure fails with "cannot compute suffix of executables" although it 
  >   determnines the executable is a.exe.
  The windows machine is not connected to the network (and may never be).
  config.log.tar.gz is attached.
  gcc is version gcc (tdm64-1) 4.6.1
  # sh
  # ./config.guess 
  # configfsf.guess
Your environment is broken.  A plain gcc invocation fails:

  configure:8657: gcc -o conftest.exe -m32 -O2 -pedantic -fomit-frame-pointer -march=pentiumpro   conftest.c
  ./configure: /c/MinGW64/bin/gcc: Invalid argument
I am sure you can reproduce this with manual commands.

You say this is a 64-bit system, but this seems to be a 32-bit system.


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