FW: Missing symbol in GMP libraries

Colin Bannister Colin.Bannister at nottingham.ac.uk
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Torbjorn (and other list members),

Thanks for your speedy response.  The package I need to link to GMP is rather a 'blackbox', and difficult to get to change link options.  I have tried GMP 4.3.2, but it also seems to lack visibility of the mpn_spr_n function - is there an older version I should try which perhaps has this visible ?


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Dear Colin,

The function mpn_sqr_n was internal in GMP for many releases.  We
accidentally added documentation of it to GMP 4.3.2.

In GMP 5, we have a function mpn_sqr which is (intentionally!)
documented.  But here mpn_sqr_n is gone.

This is not good.  We will have to think of what is least bad to do in
this situation.

As a short term workaround, you should be able to solve the problem in
two alterantive ways:

1. Compile
   void __gmpn_sqr_n (unsigned long *rp, unsigned long *up, unsigned long n)
     {__gmpn_sqr (rp, up, n);}
   and link to your application.  How to link it, depends on your
   system.  N.B. This is a gros fix that bypasses the GMP typing system,
   but it should work on most systems.

2. Link to GMP 4.3.2 or perhaps an older release of GMP.

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