Hans Aberg haberg at
Fri Mar 12 10:53:52 CET 2010

On 12 Mar 2010, at 10:35, Paul Zimmermann wrote:

>> MPFR requires GMP; for example its custom allocators seem to be set
>> using mp_set_memory_functions().
> more importantly MPFR is based on GMP's mpn layer, which is crucial  
> for MPFR
> efficiency.

What do you mean by "more importantly" - I made a Guile SMOB, and then  
custom allocators are necessary to make use of its conservative GC.

But anyway, MPFR is just another floating point type on top of GMP.

I have an idea of yet another floating point type, where the (binary)  
precision is computed automatically based on the operation and its  
arguments. Right now, it has to be done by hand for each operation, it  


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