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Stéphane Fillion stphanef3724 at
Wed Jun 9 01:40:22 CEST 2010

I'm sorry to fail at helping you. However, in Google Code, I found a
complete cached copy of the
I hope this is better.  All version from 0.01 are also disponible
cached by Google Code.|6YKBjWZvjfs/gmpbbs-0.08d/LICENSE&q=gmpbbs.h&d=5

If I did better this time, let me know.

2010/6/8 degski <degski at>

> Hi Stéphane,
> Thanks, but I can google, if you refer to this "gmpbbs.c -
>", that is not the COMPLETE source code (as
> requested in my post), it lacks a header file, license.txt etc.,
> etc...
> Also, it would be nice to know, what version it is. There is elsewhere
> reference to version 0.08. Is this version 0.08?
> If you mean this, "" , it's dead!
> Yes, I felt lucky, but it didn't help.
> Best Regards
> degski

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