Question on some output from configure

Chris Saunders evas at
Sun Jan 24 05:40:20 CET 2010

Thanks Torbjörn.  I ran configure again after reading your advice and saw 
"using ABI="32"" so I don't think I have a problem.  I think you probably 
already know this but in case not GMP-5.0.0 make check runs on Cygwin 
without reporting any errors.

Chris Saunders

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"Chris Saunders" <evas at> writes:

  This is a line from the output of configure: checking ABI=64.  I'm
  wondering what the meaning of this is.  I'm using a 64 bit computer
  but I don't think Cygwin is supposed to recognize this.

Perhaps then the lines following the message that GMP's configure system
is checking ABI=64 will give evidence of that Cygwin does indeed not much
like ABI=64?


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