getting the result of an op into a string.

Albert Redditt albert_redditt at
Fri Feb 19 01:46:46 CET 2010

Hello, i've read thru the entire manual and nowhere is there any way to get the result into a string so you can manipulate it.

we need something like :

mpz_get_str( string_name , mpz_t OP )

I'm playing with your 4.3.2 lib  (5.0.1 wouldn't build.)) and i'm writing a windows program and i need to put the result into a textbox, I need to assign the result of an operation to a string.

gmp_printf(  !"%.60Ff\n" ,  @z  ) isn't gonna work i need the output in a edit control in a window.

Thanks if you can help!

albert_redditt at


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