GMP5 benchmark

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Tue Feb 16 08:36:40 CET 2010

James Wanless <james at> writes:

  Good speedup w/ GMP5 vs. GMP4.3.1:
  One of my programs, factorize6, running on (M+2)1257787, has execution
  time reduced from ~4358 mins to ~1716 mins!

Nice, that's more than one could usually hope for with 5.0.1.

  thanks v. much to the GMP developers (and to Richard Dickerson for a
  suggestion on gmp-bugs that enabled me to build on Leopard),

Did you have build problems on Mac OS "Leopard" with GMP 5.0.1, or are
you talking about 5.0.0?

(Note that 5,0.1 s actually faster than 5.0.0, since we provided better
tuning tables, and fixed some memory greed problms.)


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