Problem in Making GMP 4.3.2

Dennis Clarke dclarke at
Tue Feb 9 17:17:03 CET 2010

> On Tue, 9 Feb 2010, John Dennis wrote:
>> cc: Fatal error in /opt/software/SUNWspro/prod/bin/cg : Segmentation
>> Fault
> Argh, yet another bug... Someone with access to appropriate hard/software
> may help you (ideally, you would just call Oracle about it), but in the
> meantime, I suggest you try replacing -fast (which is likely to break
> stuff if you don't tame it with appropriate -fsimple and -fns flags
> anyway) with something simpler (say -O). Or you may try to remove the part
> of that talks about inline and sunpro altogether, assuming that
> this is related.
> (of course I am assuming that you have all up to date patches installed,
> and you can't install S12U1)
> --
> Marc Glisse

As you may expect, I have every variation of Sun Studio from rev 8 through
12.1 on everything from 15 year old Sparc to quite modern systems in the
Blastwave build farm. I can tell you that I have long since given up on
using these compilers for GMP but I do use them for everything else.
Almost everything. The GCC 4.3.4 compiler ( also avail from Blastwave )
works flawlessly on every platform and I get excellent results.

I just need to calrify, because perhaps I need to go back to the Studio
compilers, do you want me to try using the Studio compilers for the latest
GMP? I think I tried it once or twice and I hit bugs in every case. If you
need someone to hammer the Studio compilers then I can give it a try.

Better yet, you can just send me your ssh key and I will get you set up in
the farm and you can do these things yourself at your leisure. :-)

Dennis Clarke
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