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Subject: FORTRAN90 + MPFR + GMP

> Due to a harddrive crash, I am forced to reinstall all my programs. I
> recall reading a while back
> about combining open source FORTRAN 90 with MPFR and GMP. While I'm
> comfortable
> coding FORTRAN and C++, I'm uncomfortable with installing and combining
> these systems. If
> anyone has done this, I'm interested in "easy as possible" instructions
> for acheiving this; either by a
> reference to a website or by email.

Both ( ) and
( ) freely provide binaries 
gcc-4.x.x (including gfortran - a Fortran 95/2003 compiler), mpfr and gmp.

With, the binaries are for 32-bit (x86) targets only. They also
provide a gcc-3.x.x binary, where the fortran compiler is, of course, the 
older g77 compiler.
Not sure if they provide *both* 4.x.x-built and 3.x.x-built binaries of gmp
and mpfr. provide binaries for both x86 and x64 targets, gcc-4.x.x

> Is there a better discussion group for this?

Yes - the mingw64 and/or mingw mailing lists. (Btw, mingw64 and mingw are
separate vendors.)

>  My PC runs with Windows XP.

Yep - the binaries should be fine with any recent flavor of windows.

I'm not part of either of those mingw projects - best to check directly with
them for more definitive information.


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