vcproj for 4.3

Degski degski at
Fri Oct 9 12:34:43 CEST 2009

> Is there a vcproj file for gmp 4.3 so that gmp can be built in vc 2008?

The short answer is, no!

There is a clue to why on the gmp home page:

> MPIR <>. This GMP fork might be an alternative to the
> real GMP for some Windoze
> users, but they'll have to deal with attention-seeking FUD against GMP.

The reality of it is that to Torbjorn Granlund linux/unix is like a religion
and he hates
Windows with a vengance... He hates Bill Gates to such an extent that
he equally
hates and despises ALL Windows users, Windows Users are the scum of the
and not worth any effort or accomodation...that's why you didn't get a
proper answer
and you were being mocked... (It's VS2008 and not vc 2008)...

Uptill version 4.2.1 Dr B. Gladman hosted a Project Solution for Microsoft
Studio 2008, sometimes refered to as VC9... He has ceased doing that, as can

be read on his web-site (according to Mr. Granlund this is:
"attention-seeking FUD
against GMP"):

> GMP on Microsoft Windows
> Torbjörn Granlund, the GMP maintainer, refuses to support any
> native Microsoft Visual Studio builds of the GMP library and
> this creates a number of problems for Windows developers who
> use Visual Studio for development:
> Applications that need 32-bit versions of the GMP library have
> to use either MinGW or Cygwin and then import the resulting
> libraries into their Visual Studio solutions.
> Native 64-bit versions of the GMP library have not been officially
> available (however, it may now be possible to build 64-bit
> versions of GMP on Windows using mingw-w64 to compile GMP's
> generic C code).
> GMP provides no support for high performance 64-bit libraries on
> Windows because its 64-bit assembler code is incompatible with
> Windows x64 calling conventions.
> It is especially important to note that GMP cannot provide high
> performance native 64-bit libraries on Windows. Multiple Precision
> Integers and Rationals - MPIR
> MPIR is a Windows friendly port of GMP that is available here.
> As a library, MPIR is compatible with GMP and supports native Windows
> builds using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional with the open
> source YASM assembler.    It can also be built using Visual Studio
> 2008 Express C++ SP1 and Visual Studio 2005.  It provides 32 and
> 64-bit static and dynamic libraries and has high performance assembler
> code support for AMD and Intel 64-bit processors.    MPIR also fully
> supports Windows x64 exception handling mechanisms.
> An important aspect of MPIR is that the whole community is developer
> friendly and welcomes Windows development alongside Linux development
> without any animosity.  Although many on the MPIR development team are
> dedicated Linux/GCC users, they are not hostile to Windows and have
> put in a lot of effort to welcome and support the contributions of
> myself and others who work on the Windows platform.

Make up your own mind!

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