GNU MPFR 2.4.2 Release Candidate 2

Vincent Lefevre vincent at
Fri Nov 20 23:57:57 CET 2009

The release of GNU MPFR 2.4.2 ("andouillette sauce moutarde"
patch level 2) is imminent. Please help to make this release
as good as possible by downloading and testing this second
release candidate:

The MD5's:
7abdddf1d476cbe032c7dbe0a4a88413  mpfr-2.4.2-rc2.tar.bz2
def8c961b95f08f052b8e3bd2f8d2f1d  mpfr-2.4.2-rc2.tar.gz
5b3ced46cf3c4e2d13dc12e2cdcd49cb  mpfr-2.4.2-rc2.tar.xz

The signatures:

Sorry for the delay between the first release candidate and the
second one. All the problems with the RC1 should now be fixed.

Changes from version 2.4.1 to version 2.4.2:
- Security fix in formatted output functions (buffer overflow).
- Formatted output functions: 6 is now the default value for
  empty precision field with %Rf.
- Better portability of configure script.
- Detection of intmax_t and uintmax_t types.
- Improved documentation: mpfr_get_z_exp, mpfr_strtofr, mpfr_get_str and
  formatted output functions.
- Improved message in case of assertion failure.
- Test coverage: 97.0% lines of code.
- Updated tcmp_ld test to really test the long double.
- Some documentation files are installed in $docdir.
- Removed mpfr_init_cache (unused and undocumented function).
- Bug fixes.

Please send success and failure reports with "./config.guess" output
to <mpfr at>.

If no problems are found, GNU MPFR 2.4.2 should be released
around 2009-11-30.


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