Factoring into Primes

Miguel D Alba albach at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 18:49:09 CET 2009

Have a Good Day community,

I know there have been many posts about the same thing, the error 'Cannot
allocate memory (size=x)" where x is a number. Right now I'm having the same
problem and considering what Mr. Zimmermann said (

"My guess is that you forgot some clear/free command. I suggest you look at
size of your process, using for example the "top" command"

I'd like to let you know what I'm doing, basically factoring a number by
finding its order, I know it might be very innefficient. Any way my guess is
that GMP can handle a number like 1176621989 and do the computations.

After checking the clear for every variable, i still get the same i didn't
understand how the free command works, and it seems that the process size is

So, any further suggestions?

Thank you very much in Advance.

Miguel Albach

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