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Vincent Diepeveen wrote:
> Cuda is mighty interesting Allan,
> note that for what GMP is doing on paper ATI/AMD has faster hardware and
> cheaper.
> The bandwidth unlimited cuda card is the tesla, which is very very
> expensive for what it
> delivers.
> Basically it is a 32 bits platform, no matter the idiotic claims there,
> and there is no description from
> Nvidia which hardware instructrions they support. So support of anything
> on Tesla is a total fulltime job
> as you first have to figure out how and what.

Dear Vincent,
Dear Allan,
Dear Torbjorn,

I think for the eight core cell processor you can get the SDK which has
the fedora Linux C++ compiler.

in the playstation3 there is the IBM cell processor,

I thnk yellow dog and fedora runs on the cell  which is basically the
same architecture as the PPC.

and the cell processor also runs on some IBM blade servers.

For the nvidia CUDA architecture I don't know much.

Sony and nvidia has Compilers but I have so far only investigated the
IBM SDK.  As long as the playstation 3 is on the market it could be
interesting to both access the cell 8xCPU and the Nvidia  GPU.

I have seen one report about a beowolfcluster with sonyplaystation3.

Why can't you give it a go with the IBM SDK and port or compile GMP to
the Cell processor?

sincerely yours,

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