inline errors with gmp 4.2.4

Wade Williams wadesworld at
Tue Jan 20 16:28:33 CET 2009

I've got one more problem with gmp for which I hope there's a solution.

I have spent long hours googling on this subject and trying the  
various suggestions presented, but so far none have worked.  I also  
have emailed Apple's XCode mailing list, hoping to find a solution  
without bothering the gmp community, but was unsuccessful.  I also  
searched through the last year of archives on this list.

When I compile gmp 4.2.4 (32-bit) on OS X 10.5.4 I get:

duplicate symbol ___gmpz_abs in /Users/wwilliam/Development/code/ 
project/build/Debug/libcrypt.a(crypt.o) and /Users/wwilliam/ 

My understanding from my searches is that this due to a bug in Apple's  
inline implementation.

Defining __GMP_FORCE_mpz_abs got rid of this error, but then the same  
error occurred with with __gmpz_fits_uint_p.  Defining  
__GMP_FORCE_mpz_fits_uint_p did not resolve that error, leading me to  
worry that I didn't truly understand the issue and changing things at  
random was not a good idea.

I'm hoping this issue has been seen before and there's a simple  
solution that I'm just missing.


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