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You have been invited by Jimmy Ti to participate in Peer-to-Patent Australia, a project designed to improve the quality of patents issued in Australia.

Personal message:

Hi developers of GNU GMP,

Hewlett Packard has filed a patent application titled "Binary representation of number based on processor word size" which has very similar algorithm as used by GNU GMP since version 2.0.2.

I think it would be great if developers of GMP are able to come in and show us the relevance directly in order to prevent the granting of low-quality patents.

Thanks and regards,


I thought you might be particularly interested in and qualified to join me in reviewing this application, finding prior art and reviewing the prior art submitted by others. The goal is to contribute knowledge that will help IP Australia assess this patent application.

Name: Binary representation of number based on processor word size
Number: 2005218001
Date: September 28, 2005

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It is important that we get involved to make sure that only the best applications receive a patent.
The opportunity for public participation lasts only a short time so please get involved.


The Peer-to-Patent Australia Project Team

PS. You will need to register and log-in to participate.

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