F. G. Dorais dorais at
Sat Dec 12 17:40:33 CET 2009

Scott Bucholtz wrote:
> It requires a little more work then just sending the Lib-GMP variables 
> directly over MPI.  You have to:
>     1) determine the length of the Lib-GMP variable in the desired base 
> (e.g., mpz_sizeinbase); plus 1
>     2) send #1 as an MPI_UNSIGNED_LONG
>     3) convert the Lib-GMP variable in its base to a string (e.g., 
> mpz_get_str)
>     4) allocate a new string of that size on the other side (realloc)
>     5) send the string from #3 as an MPI_CHAR
>     6) convert the string at the other end to a Lib-GMP variable (e.g., 
> mpz_set_str)
>     7) clean up (i.e., free string memory)

I never tried, but wouldn't mpz_import and mpz_export be better suited 
for this?

François G. Dorais
Department of Mathematics
University of Michigan

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