gmp and mpfr on mingw and VC++ service pack

Andreas Fabri andreas.fabri at
Thu Sep 11 11:15:38 CEST 2008


we compiled gmp and mpfr with msys/mingw with alloca diabled.
We then link the libraries with an application compiled with VC8
Compiling and linking work like a charm.

Depending on whether I have installed the service pack ( = patch) for VC8
different things happen, when I want to run the executable.

Without service pack it just runs.

With service pack I get a "Permission denied".
The reason is that in the manifest one sees the dependency
on two different versions of the runtime file

 From mingw :  libmsvcr80d.a
Fom M$     :  msvcr80d.lib

Besided not installing the service pack, or using Brian Gladman's port,
is there any solution or workaround for this problem.

Best regards,


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