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Fri Oct 3 13:30:04 CEST 2008

Thanks to the web page, here are a few anagrams for "Wall Street
bailout" I think  are relevant to the news:

toiletware lust lab

lawsuit ballot tree

tolerate a swilltub

altruist towel bale

towel battle is lure

reawait lost bullet

However, I think there's a problem with the dictionary used for the anagram
routine -- try it and you'll see.  It generates an awful lot of non-words
like garn and ce as well as single letters; obviously the search would be
even quicker if these were eliminated.  By the way, what is the algorithm
used?  I read about an idea that coded each letter of the alphabet with a
prime number, the most frequent with the smallest primes, and took the
target expression as the product of all its letters, then searches for
factor words in a (very large) dictionary.  Does this work practically?
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