GMP forked; Torbjorn Granlund: "blatant falsehoods and sinister insinuations"

Roberto Bagnara bagnara at
Fri May 30 11:11:04 CEST 2008

William Stein wrote:
> A company-wide requirement at Microsoft is that they do not run any
> GPLv3 code, not even binaries.  This is not surprising in light
> of numerous quotes by Stallman about how GPLv3 was designed
> partly to attack Microsoft.  For example:
>  Stallman: "The point of the GPLv3 conditions that apply to the
>  Novell/Microsoft deal is to give the rest of the community a defense
>  against Microsoft's patent threats. If these conditions do their job,
>  the result will be that Microsoft never goes beyond threats, and the
>  community is safe."

Dear William,

I think you have got it backwards:  (L)GPLv3 is meant (among other things)
to protect us (the Free Software community) from patent threats,
not to attack anyone.

 From what you write one could deduce that the company-wide requirement
you mention is in place because RMS is unfriendly to someone or is thought
to have a nasty agenda on someone.

My interpretation is that there are much more serious reasons behind such
company-wide requirements.  A detailed and in-depth analysis of these
reasons may well reveal that (L)GPLv3 is doing its job.
All the best,


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