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Paul Zimmermann Paul.Zimmermann at loria.fr
Thu Jun 26 16:34:14 CEST 2008

recent editions of the ARITH conference have seen an increasing number of
contributions in arbitrary precision arithmetic and applications to
cryptography, thus this conference might be interesting to GMP users and

Although the programm committee is quite large, contributions from people
outside the programm committee are welcome too :-)

Paul Zimmermann

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Subject: Call for papers. ARITH19

                         CALL FOR PAPERS

       19th IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic
                          June 8-10, 2009
                     Portland, Oregon, USA

         Sponsored by: IEEE and IEEE Computer Society

Authors are invited to submit papers describing recent advances on all
aspects of  computer arithmetic, including, but not  restricted to the
following topics:

* Foundations of number systems and arithmetic;
* Arithmetic processor design and implementation;
* Arithmetic algorithms and their analysis;
* Highly parallel arithmetic units and systems;
* New floating-point units and systems;
* Standards for number representation and arithmetic;
* Impact of high-level languages on arithmetic systems;
* Special function implementation;
* Low power arithmetic; and
* Applications of Computer Arithmetic to cryptography, DSP, data
  compression, computer graphics, etc.

PDF version  of the complete  paper should be submitted  in electronic
form, following the instructions posted at the conference web site:


no later than Oct. 15, 2008 at midnight, Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8:00)

The  paper must  be  anonymous, with  no  author names,  affiliations,
acknowledgments, or obvious references.  It should begin with a title,
a short abstract, and a  list of keywords, and its introduction should
summarize the contributions of the  paper at a level appropriate for a
non-specialist reader.

Finally, a statement confirming that  the paper has not been submitted
elsewhere must be sent by email to Javier Bruguera (bruguera at dec.usc.es).

Acceptance will  be notified in January 2009,  and final camera-ready
papers  will be  due in  March  2009. Conference  proceedings will  be
available at the Symposium.


Submissions should  conform to the maximum length  requirement for the
proceedings  of the  conference,  eight pages,  two  columns, but  for
reviewing  should preferably  be  formatted in  normal article  style:
about 20 pages, 12pt, single  column, double spacing. This is just for
a rough estimation of length. Authors of papers exceeding 20 pages, 12
pt,  single column, double  spacing, who  think that  their submission
will  fit the  final conference  page limit,  are kindly  requested to
check their manuscript size using the formatting style found at


The  final submissions cannot  exceed 10  pages (corresponding  to 8+2
extra charged pages). For Authors' convenience, and by courtesy of the
IEEE Computer Society, the formatting  styles can also be found at the
web site.
Michael Schulte
University of Wisconsin
e-mail: Schulte at engr.wisc.edu

Javier Bruguera                   
Universidad de Santiago de Compostela       
email: Bruguera at dec.usc.es           

Marius Cornea
Intel Corporation
email: Marius.Cornea at intel.com

Debjit DasSarma
AMD, Inc.
email: Debjit.DasSarma at amd.com
Earl Swartzlander
e-mail: Eswartzla at aol.com

John Harrison
Intel Corporation
John.R.Harrison at intel.com

Warren Ferguson
Intel Corporation
email: Warren.E.Ferguson at intel.com

Alexandre Tenca
Synopsys, Inc. 
email: AlexTenca at synopsys.com
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