GMP build issues

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> [Sorry if this is the second time this message got sent to the group (i
> sent the first one before subscribing - doh!)]
> Hello,
> I am trying to build the gmp-4.2.2 library; however, I am receiving
> errors during the 'make check' step.  I am using a windows XP SP2
> machine with MinGW (gcc version 3.4.5 (mingw-vista special)) that came
> as part of the IDE CodeBlocks.

It might simply be that you need to run 'make' before running 'make check'.

On Windows, if I run 'make check' straight after configure (without first 
running 'make') I, too, get an error - though in my case the error I'm 
getting is that cannot be found. (This error is to be expected 
since, which gets built during the 'make' step, has not yet been 

By running './configure' (without any additional arguments), you'll be 
building a dynamic (dll) gmp library and, for me, 'make check' is failing 
all tests with such builds. I don't know why that happens. Afaict, there's 
nothing wrong with the dll that gets built - the apps that I build using 
that dll always work as they should.

I'd be interested to know if 'make check' succeeds for you (after you've run 

The problem applies only to dynamic builds. If I build a static gmp library 
(by starting with './configure --disable-shared --enable-static') there's no 
problem with 'make check'.


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