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On 2008-06-02 22:39:10 +1000, Joerg Arndt wrote:
> * Brian Gladman <brg at gladman.plus.com> [Jun 02. 2008 21:00]:
> >  From _his_ perspective it is broken because it doesn't work on win64 
> > systems.  From _your_ persepctive it is not broken.  These are his and 
> > your _opinions_, they are not facts.
> I am afraid you are very wrong here.  GMP was designed to compile and
> run on Unix-ish systems.  It actually does that, and very well.

Well, the GMP manual starts by saying:

1 Introduction to GNU MP

GNU MP is a portable library written in C for arbitrary precision
arithmetic on integers, rational numbers, and floating-point numbers.
It aims to provide the fastest possible arithmetic for all applications
that need higher precision than is directly supported by the basic C

I can see the words "portable" and "C", but not Unix (or Unix-ish).

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