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Mon Jun 2 09:08:41 CEST 2008

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* Vincent Lefevre <vincent at> [Jun 02. 2008 16:17]:
> [...]
> > (At least not a thousand or so).  The time needed inside
> > GMP routines should be negligible (again, I could be wrong, but I'd be
> > utterly surprised if the performance of GMP would be critical here)!
> I don't understand. For the time being, this is not a question of
> performance. GCC needs GMP. If GMP doesn't work on some platform,
> then GCC won't work either.

I wanted to say:
(understanding that gcc needs GMP so we need GMP to work.)
The performance of GMP might not be an issue when compiling.

So an unoptimized branch that compiles and works on reasonably
conceivable models does all that is needed for gcc.

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