GMP and 64-bit systems

NightStrike nightstrike at
Sun Jun 1 18:48:02 CEST 2008

On 6/1/08, Joerg Arndt <arndt at> wrote:
> > So you don't want to support Win64 at all?  Oh, how delightful...
> As I did write earlier I will not personally contribute code
> for the Windows O/S.  You are free to do so if you like.

Not without Torbjorn saying it's ok.

> > If you don't understand *why* Microsoft went with the model they
> > chose, then maybe you should take a few minutes to learn.  They have
> > published several informative documents on msdn which explain -- in
> > great detail -- why they went with int=long=32.
> I have not seen those documents.
> A URL would be helpful indeed.

That explains a small case, and links to a 404.  The link moved to here:

A search on "win64" in the msdn yields many more articles that go into
greater detail.  That one is a good starter page, I think.

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