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Perry Smith pedzsan at
Tue Jul 22 16:07:00 CEST 2008

I downloaded and compiled GMP 4.2.2 in AIX 5.3.  That went fine.

I them downloaded and tried to configure mpfr-2.3.1.  The configure  
script says that it can not find libgmp.a.  Actually it says that it  
can not find __gmpz_init.  I am just now tracking down how and why but  
I am pretty sure that GMP is compiled only in 64 bit mode while the  
configure script of MPFR is looking for __gmpz_init in 32 bit mode.   
If I do:

nm /usr/local/lib/libgmp.a | grep __gmpz_init

I get no hits.  But if I dod:

nm -X64 /usr/local/lib/libgmp.a | grep __gmpz_init
.__gmpz_init         T   268487276
.__gmpz_init2        T   268487104
.__gmpz_init_set     T   268486864
.__gmpz_init_set_d   T   268597508
.__gmpz_init_set_si  T   268597676
.__gmpz_init_set_str T   268479604
.__gmpz_init_set_ui  T   268547336
__gmpz_init          D   536874152
__gmpz_init          d   536874152          24
__gmpz_init2         D   536874128
__gmpz_init2         d   536874128          24
__gmpz_init_set      D   536874104
__gmpz_init_set      d   536874104          24
__gmpz_init_set_d    D   536878784
__gmpz_init_set_d    d   536878784          24
__gmpz_init_set_si   D   536878808
__gmpz_init_set_si   d   536878808          24
__gmpz_init_set_str  D   536873840
__gmpz_init_set_str  d   536873840          24
__gmpz_init_set_ui   D   536876816
__gmpz_init_set_ui   d   536876816          24

I found similar threads asking questions on the ClamAV mailing list.

So, my initial question is I assume that GMP is compiled only in 64  
bit mode for a reason but I wanted to make sure.

Usually, what IBM libraries do is they create two shared objects.  I  
see that libgmp.a ha which is a 64 bit object.  Usually a  
library will have and with being the 32 bit  
version and being the 64 bit version.  These are archived  
(ar) into foo.a.  Then -lfoo will discover both shared objects and  
pick out the one to use at link time based upon various conditions.

My ultimate goal is to compile gcc 4.3.1.

Thank you,
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