Gmp and OpenMP

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Mon Dec 22 21:41:14 CET 2008

Ernst Berg <ernst_berg at> writes:

  Hey, It's been a long time for me to post anything in this group.
   Perhaps this question has been asked more than once before if so pardon
   I didn't find much on Google or on the OpenMP site.
   Can I use GMP with OpenMP?
I am not familiar with OpenMP, and I think your question that can be
interpreted in several ways:

Q. Would you link GMP to the OpenMP system, to make it support bignums?

A. That should work, but I don't know if it makes sense.

Q. Can OpenMP operate on GMP with still valid behaviour from GMP?

A. I suppose this means you need to annotate GMP here and there, to
   parallelise the specific GMP parts.  And sure, if you get it right, I
   see no reason why that could not be made to work.

Q. Is GMP reentrant so that an OpenMP enabled progam will work properly?

A. Mostly.  This is covered in details in the manual.  Look for the
   keyword "reentrancy".


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