About dynamic and static libraries of GMP produced by the MinGW tools

pascaltomath at yahoo.fr pascaltomath at yahoo.fr
Sun Mar 18 08:04:18 CET 2007

 Dear All;

 Sometimes, I read in the Discussion Forum of GMP library, questions related to dynamic and/or static libraries of GMP, prepared with the MinGW tools.

 I guess that, those difficulties encountered are not originating at all from GMP Library, but only from ' the way of installation ' of the MinGW tools.

 I have never met yet such difficulties with ' MinGW+MSys ', neither with Cygwin.

 With the static libraries produced by Cygwin [ GCC 3.4.4 ], the performance benchmarks of GMP are slightly better than those of MinGW+MSys [ GCC 3.4.5 ].

 The static, and/or dynamic libraries of GMP produced by MinGW+MSys [ for Pentium IV, or for Pentium III ] are very, very easily accessed by Free Pascal 32 Bit, and FreeBasic 32 Bit, with no problem at all.

 Win Free Pascal package has got the Cygwin dll, and Win FreeBasic the MinGW's one.

 And, as it is very well known also that, it is perfectly possible ' to transform ' the satic library produced by MinGW+MSys via Visual C++ 6 tools, and, utilize it as an original library of Visual C++ 6.

 But this time, only for a restricted number of functions, you might face off certains difficulties.

 Thanks a lot to the smart developers of the marvelous GMP Library.

 And thanks a lot too, to all participants of the Forum; they already transferred me a considerable amount of their precious knowledge.

 With my best regards.

 Faithfully Yours,

 Kadir T.
 pascaltomath at yahoo.fr

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