C++ interface to mpfr

Alexey Beshenov bav.272304 at mail.ru
Sat Mar 10 18:19:40 CET 2007

В сообщении от 6 Март 2007 22:10 Helmut Jarausch написал(a):

> unfortunately, gmp has no library of mathematical functions.
> On the other hand, the mpfr++ doesn't fit to the current version of
> mpfr.
> Does anybody know about an ongoing attempt to build a C++-interface
> to mpfr?
> I know, it's a bit offtopic but important to me and my students.
> Many thanks for a hint,

I am working on MPFRCPP, another wrapper, and I plan to release first public 
version in next week :-) You can try to search old (non-public) MPFRCPP 
releases on the web, but I plan to do something more complex and useful.

Email me if you want to support my work in some way.

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