GMP, MPFR and VS version compatibility

Jim White mathimagics at
Fri Jul 13 03:50:39 CEST 2007


Do I understand correctly, your problem is that there
is no gcc for Win64?

While it might not help you in the short term, the key
development would seem to be filling that hole.

I keep forgetting the MinGW compiler is (again, if I
am correct) independently "maintained" - it still
seems to be stuck at version 3.3 or thereabouts.

What's needed is for MicroSquash to provide it - it
would make good business sense, surely, to have a
fully-functional gcc compiler, so they would have more
chance to flog their (nefarious) wares in the
"computational" marketplace, being able to swear with
hand on heart that any open-source math package (GMP,
MPFR, CLN, Pari-GP, etc etc) should be able to run on
any Win32/64 box.

Not that I'd ever buy another Win box myself, mind
you!   There are limits ....          ;-)

Jim White
ANU, Canberra

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