GMP, MPFR and VS version compatibility

Michael Abshoff Michael.Abshoff at
Fri Jul 13 02:00:16 CEST 2007

Sisyphus wrote:
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>> I really like gcc and MinGW, but the main problem with gcc in all its
>> forms on Windows remains the same for the last couple years: No 64 bit
>> support (except for Cygwin/Itanium and who cares about that) and the C++
>> ABI issue when linking libraries compiled with MSVC.
> There are mingw 64 packages available (source only, afaict) at
> , so there is
> at
> least some movement in that area.
> YMMV :-)
> Cheers,
> Rob

Nice, this must be a rather recent development because there has been a
total of 26 downloads of the headers from SF.

I will shut up about this for now because we are OT and I might get flamed
(and rightfully so) for this email in the morning :). I will try to get
MinGW to build in 64 bit mode and see if the current GMP can be build with
it. This is very exciting. If I get anything usefull I will report back.



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