Could anybody send me or point me to a copy of GMP/MPFR compiled on Visual Studio 2003?

Michael comtech.usa at
Thu Jul 12 07:40:11 CEST 2007

I used the VS2005 solution/project for MPFR/GMP from Brian's webpage.

That one successfully gave me a VS2005 compiled library.

But my company's PC only has VS2003.

I've tried the 2005 to 2003 project converter, but that's for C# projects
really. It doesn't work for Brian's C++ projects.

I have to do this conversion, because I've previously compiled the
MPFR/GMP library
under VS 2005;

and now I only have VS 2003 on company PC, when I tried to link that library
with other files on the VS 2003, it failed to link ...

So I want to recompile everything on VS 2003.

Could anybody point me to a copy of GMP/MPFR library for VS 2003?


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