GMP compared to JAVA

Paul Zimmermann Paul.Zimmermann at
Fri Dec 21 10:46:07 CET 2007

> I did a aplication with GMP and other same in JAVA.
> This aplication calculates the value of the operation a^b mod m, for
> a, b and m randomical numbers of n bits, n in interval [5, 25000).
> [...]
> For the result in C with n = 10005 bits the time was 2800 ms (a example).
> For the result in JAVA with n = 10005 bits the time was 10 ms (a example).
> Why this difference?

I see three possible explanations:

(a) JAVA is much more efficient than GMP
(b) your computer is very efficient for JAVA applications
(c) your JAVA exponent (q) has much less than 10005 bits

Paul Zimmermann

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