Native Windows Binaries for GMP-4.2.1

Brian Gladman brg at
Thu Apr 19 17:14:53 CEST 2007

Michael Abshoff and Jim White have kindly agreed to host pre-built native 
versions of GMP for Windows.  I have built these versions using Visual 
Studio 2005 but they should also work with Visual Studio Express (but I have 
not tested this).

Michael is hosting at:

Jim's site is not up yet but I will point to it from my GMP for Windows web 

when it becomes available.

Release build DLLs and static LIBs are provided for generic C (win32 and 
x64), AMD64 (x64) and Pentium/P3/P4 (win32).

    best regards to all

          Brian Gladman

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