How Do You Link in Xcode?

Jim Adams jeadams1 at
Thu Apr 12 23:31:23 CEST 2007

I am trying to build my own projects from scratch that use GMP on my Mac
using Xcode. I found all of the great information at
<> on Multiprecision Floating-point Arithmetic on
Apple Systems. With it I was able to download, compile, and install GMP just
fine. I was also able to compile, link, and run the example (preconstructed)
projects for computing e and pi just fine, too. Now, I want to create my own
project from scratch and link in the GMP libraries (for C++). Of course, I
can duplicate one of the example projects, throw away Apple's code, put mine
in, and that works, though it's kind of a kludgy way to do things. I'm
unfamiliar enough with Xcode not to know how to link GMP libraries into a
brand new project. Can anyone give me a brief recipe? Thanks!


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