optimizing GMP for my code

Usman W Roshan cis faculty/staff usman at oak.njit.edu
Sun Oct 15 00:21:01 CEST 2006


My code produces large 2D matrices containing very large numbers. I use
GMP since 64 bit (and 80 bit long double) is not sufficient to contain my
numbers. However, my program slows down significantly and also ends up
using lots of memory. I'm using just the mpf_t types and the following
functions from the library:

mpf_set_default_prec, mpf_mul, mpf_set_d, mpf_mul, mpf_div, mpf_get_d,
mpf_clear, mpf_init, mpf_add

Is it possible to tweak the library to reduce the memory usage and
increase speed if I'm using just these functions and the mpf_t type? If
so, can you suggest how? Thanks,

Usman Roshan
Department of Computer Science
New Jersey Institute of Technology

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