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Paul Leyland paul at
Thu Nov 30 21:52:11 CET 2006

"m4" is the rather inscrutable name of a macro preprocessor.  It is
available for the Cygwin system (or, at least, it was available when I
last installed Cygwin a couple of years ago) and I suggest that you go
looking for it at the Cygwin download site from where you installed your

Good luck.  It can be non-trivial trying to install software which is
designed around the paradigm that "every operating system looks like
Unix".  To forestall the inevitable protests, I'll state that it can be
non-trivial to work around the assumption that "everyone runs Windows". 
I have personal experience in both camps and feel the pain of each.


On Thu, 2006-11-30 at 20:23, Karlkneile at wrote:
> I have just installed the current versions of cygwin and gmp. 
> Cygwin/gcc appears to be running ok; I have compiled and run a small
> test program.  When attempting to configure gmp, I get an error
> stating that there is no usable m4.  I have no idea what m4 is.  Is
> this a cygwin or a gmp file.  Any hints on what to try?  I tried this
> on a different machine a while back and it failed the same way.  
> Thanks, Karl
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