It is terrible to build GMP for me!

Chris Saunders evas at
Wed Nov 22 21:29:57 CET 2006

I would suggest using MinGW and MSYS.  You can build  a static lib and a dll
with no need for cygwin.dll.  The results can be used with any version of
VC++ at or above 6.0.  I have built and used them since version 6.0 and up
to Visual Studio 2005.

Chris Saunders

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  It is all on windows XP sp2 system, P4-2.4G, 1G Ram.
   I install the cygwin latest version. and run cmd: 
  ./configure -build=i386-pc-cygwin, it fininshed normally.
  then run cmd:
  1st time it reports resource is not enough, 2nd time during make process
the computer suddenly reboot with no notification. 
  3rd also reboot.
  4th time I close all the prog, and run make, it successfully ended and
produce the 
  .libs\libgmp.a, .libs\ Then I open adobereader to read docs and
run: make check, during process it suddenly reboot again!
Plese, let us stick to GMP matters on this list!

Your trouble with Windows crashing is completely unrelated to GMP.

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