A gmp flavored gcc?

Margit Schubert-While margitsw at t-online.de
Sat Nov 11 08:25:36 CET 2006

gcc 4.x contains a stripped version of IBM's decnumber package.

eg. From a gcc release early this year :

gcc-4.2-20060114/libdecnumber # ls
.            config.in     decDPD.h          decRound.c    decimal32.c
..           configure     decLibrary.c      decUtility.c  decimal32.h
ChangeLog    configure.ac  decNumber.c       decUtility.h  decimal64.c
Makefile.in  decContext.c  decNumber.h       decimal128.c  decimal64.h
aclocal.m4   decContext.h  decNumberLocal.h  decimal128.h


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