Help to Port GMP

André Gustavo Degraf Uchôa agdu at
Thu May 25 04:51:44 CEST 2006

My name is Andre Gustavo Degraf Uchoa, I am doing Master Degree in Computer
Science, area: Computer Network and Telecommunication. I have used GMP Library
to implement an crypthographic algorithm for wireless communication (using Big
numbers, just mpz_t numbers). Now I am trying to implement this algorithm over
architecture with 8 bits, GMP Library works perfectly for 32 bits architecture.
I need a help in how to port this library for 8 bits architecture. If you could
give me a guideline in how to do this, with a book, site, source code,
algorithm, etc. I don't know what is the best option for you, although I am
waiting a help.

I am so glad for your attention.

Post Graduation Program on Computer Science - PPGIA
Pontifical Catholical University of Parana - PUCPR
Group: Computer Networks and Telecommunications

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