Problems with __gmpn_add_nc and __gmpn_sub_nc

Torbjorn Granlund tege at
Mon May 15 22:08:18 CEST 2006

"Michael Abshoff" <Michael.Abshoff at> writes:

  > "Alan McFarlane" <alan.mcfarlane at> writes:
  > If you are using an unmodified gmp-4.1.2, please report this as a bug,
  > as described in the GMP manual:
  > If you're using a GMP patches by FreeBSD's ports collection,
  > you should report this to FreeBSD.
  > --
  > Torbjörn
  I caught the same issue with an unmodified gmp-4.2.1-rc.

I cannot reproduce this.

First this was with said to happen on FreeBSD, not you say it it
GNU/Linux.  I've tried to reproduce on both these systems types.

I suggest that you start with a clean tar file, and unpack it.  Then
build from scratch on a system previously failing.  If it still fails,
please re-reade the chapter on how to report bugs, and send us a
complete and self-contained bug report.

And you might as well use GMP 4.2.1, not an rc.


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