GMP 4.2 (4.1.99) builds usingr Mingw

Juro Bystricky jurobystricky at
Sat Mar 25 16:10:16 CET 2006

To all who care,
I have successfuly built GMP 4.2 (release candidate) using Mingw / WindowsXP (gcc.exe 3.4.5 (mingw special)).
I used the following configuration options:

$ cd /e/gmpbin4199

$ /e/gmp/gmp-4.1.99/configure --enable-alloca=malloc-reentrant --disable-static --enable-shared --host=athlon-pc-mingw32 
--prefix=/e/gmp/gmp-4.1.99 --srcdir=../gmp/gmp-4.1.99


$make check

Two points of interest:

1. "make check" passed all tests.
2. The resulting file size of libgmp-3.dll is about 265 kB. This is significantly less then libgmp-3.dll built using GMP 4.1.4 (767kB).
(The reason for this may be that I built GMP 4.1.4 a long time ago, so I may have used different Mingw tools then)

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