The Gentle Art of Diplomacy

Jim White mathimagics at
Sun Mar 5 04:09:06 CET 2006

--- Hans Aberg <haberg at> wrote:

> The discussions were frank. :-)

(chuckle)  Right on!  We know what it means when they
say that, don't we!

BTW, don't get me wrong, the subject of programming
languages, syntax and semantics, etc, has always been
of great interest to me (and Hans' latest contribution
is indeed interesting).  

I tend to avoid getting involved, however, in any
discussion involving C or C++, as it's difficult for
me to disguise my pronounced  dislike for the former,
let alone my utter disdain for the latter.

Jim White

PS:  For the record, I like languages like ALGOL and
PL/1,  and loathe languages like C and PASCAL (albeit
for entirely different reasons).

But what the heck,  I'm just a grumpy old systems
programmer,  I've never really adjusted to the
traumatic experience of being separated from my
beloved Burroughs 7700 back in '79 ....   sigh!

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