Compiled Windows Libraries Revisited

Degski degski at
Wed Jun 21 19:06:11 CEST 2006

Re-Uploaded compiled Windows Libraries. Sergey discovered a build
error. Corrections have been made and everything (incl. tests)
compiles cleanly now, with the exception of locale.exe, compiling this
generates the following error:

LIBCMT.lib(lconv.obj) : error LNK2005: localeconv already defined in
x64\Release\locale.exe : fatal error LNK1169: one or more multiply
defined symbols found

This seems to be completely related to the code in this test file, the
compiler is not wrong!


GMP 4.2.1 header files, dll's (exp's, lib's and pdb's) and lib's
(static), cpp-wrapper.
MPFR 2.2.0 header files, (exp's, lib's and pdb's) and lib's (static),

For AMD Athlon64 on Windows XP x64 (64 bit):

For Pentium 4 on Windows XP (32 bit):

These uploads cancel the previous ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I used Brian Gladman's updated project files, as posted on his
personal web-site: All Credits go to Brian
Gladman, I'm just trying to help out those apparently having problems

If and when you need Generic-, P1-, P2- or P3-builds, plse post
message, I'll upload those as well then!


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