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Décio Luiz Gazzoni Filho decio at decpp.net
Thu Jul 13 19:57:19 CEST 2006

On Jul 13, 2006, at 8:18 AM, glassy wrote:

> two questions:
> in the GMP manual :
> mpf_set_default_prec (unsigned long int prec) : sets the default  
> precision to be at least prec bits.
> okay if we want the precision 2048 bits, how may digits will be at  
> the right of the mantissa if we want a decimal number ?

2048*log10(2) = 616.51 digits.

> second question: in the gmp_sprintf(s, "%77.72Fe" , @r)  what is  
> the meaning of the format string  "%77.72Fe"  how could we  
> interpret it.
> and also gmp_sprintz(s, "%Zd" , @r)   how could we intepret the  
> string "%Zd"

This is described in the manual:



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