Using GMP 4.2.1 on Visual C++, Windows XP

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Tue Dec 5 00:39:32 CET 2006

> Hi all,


> It is my first message to the list!
> In order to use GMP for our R&D Security project, I want to run the latest
> version of GMP on Windows OS, namely XP. I have to write a program in
> Microsoft
> Visual C++ 2003 and I need GMP library functions to implement RSA
> algorithms.
> I have found the following web page which shows the integration of GMP and
> Visual C++:
> Even I have done what it said, there occurs thousands of errors when
> building
> GMP.
> Is there anyone to help me?

Since I don't know the nature of the errors I would suggest checking out
Brian Gladman's page on the gmp for windows at

to build your own. If you would like to use VS 2003 choose the gmp 4.1.4
package since the gmp 4.2 package only has a VS 2005 project.



> Thanks at all,
> Ismet Togay
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