Forestalling protests

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Sat Dec 2 12:12:02 CET 2006

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From: "Jim White" <mathimagics at>
> Now, with regard to the original Cygwin problem, am I
> right in observing that those of us who build GMP with
> MinGW seem to encounter (or at least, report) fewer
> problems than those who build with Cygwin?

Yep - seems that way to me.

> So, perhaps an easier solution for the Cygwin/M4
> problem originally described might be to simply
> rebuild the GMP in question under MinGW.

I don't much like Cygwin, so I'm happy to go along with that.

However, in all fairness, the m4 problem arises (apparently) because m4 is
not part of the *default* Cygwin install.
No such problem for those of us that use MinGW in the MSYS shell simply
because m4 *is* part of the default MSYS install.

And let's not forget that MSYS arose as a result of the Cygwin project.
(That's the "credit-where-credit's-due" argument :-)

Now .... there's only the question of how to forestall TG's protestations
about non-gmp issues being discussed on the gmp-discuss mailing list. (I
have no solution to that :-)


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