MPFR dll exports under VC6 (Ben Aguayo)

Jim White mathimagics at
Mon Apr 17 14:40:33 CEST 2006

I don't use VC6 myself, but I'll assume you have some specific reason for wanting to use it to build MPFR?  I take it that you are aware that 
a)  just because your app language is VC6, that doesn't mean you have to use VC6 to build the MPFR dll
b) building MPFR and GMP with gcc under MinGW is easy and painless
Nevertheless, if you want to go ahead, then it shouldn't be too hard to organise your exports.
mpfr.h  should have all the function declarations in a single block (eg. in my last build they start around line #123, and are easily distinguished by the _PROTO keyword).
Seems to me you just need to add a line " #define EXPORT  __declspec(dllexport)" and then put the keyword EXPORT in front of each of those function declarations, then just run make again.
Sorry I can't swear to this, but worth a try probably ....
PS: You might also like to check the VC6 documentation, I'd have thought they would have some switch that let you export everything by default (which is what MinGW/gcc does, by the way)

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