Compiling MPFR with VC6

Degski degski at
Fri Apr 7 10:21:40 CEST 2006

>The VC++ Express product is a free VC8 visual development environment
>that can be downloaded from the Microsoft site. This is a cut down
>version of the Visual Studio 2005 product that doesn't support 64-bit
>development.  You also need the 32-bit SDK.  But this version of VC8
>_might_ build the 32-bit projects in my more recent VC8 GMP/MPFR build
>projects (I am not sure if there are other limitations on VC++ Express).

Visual Studio Express doesn't support 64-bit out of the box. It is
very well possible, though. In order to compile 64-bits applications
with VCE, one needs to download and install the Windows(r) Server 2003
SP1 Platform SDK from the Microsoft site and then start the IDE from
the 64-bit command prompt in the PSDK (edit the startup script (the
file with the cmd-extension), by adding the IDE: "devenv.exe", with
"exit" on the next line (this way the command-prompt window will close
once you close the IDE).

A little extra work is necessary. Ignore all references to Win32 in
the IDE (it will be 64-bit anyway, you cannot change that). In the
linker options, put the Machine type to 'Not set'  and add to the
linker command line /Machine:AMD64. (for one reason or the other
Microsoft changed their mind in VSP, and changed the machine type from
AMD64 to x64, using x64 with the PSDK will NOT work.

Link to PSDK:

Hope this helps

Jim D.

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