Compiling MPFR with VC6

Brian Gladman brg at
Fri Apr 7 08:30:01 CEST 2006

Ben Aguayo wrote:
> Problem compiling MPFR DLL
> I have compiled successfully the GMP dll using the VC6 Project from
Brian Gladman
> (
> My problem is that when compiling the MPFR dll, the export .lib file
is not created.
> If I try to create it by running implib I receive this error message:
>  Warning mpfr.dll: no exports

I recall that the first versions of MPFR that I built with VC6 did not
support DLL builds because the mpfr.h (and I think mpfr-impl.h) did not
have export directives in them.

In order to solve this I produced modified versions of these headers
with the export directives added.

One possible reason for your problem is hence that you are not using
modified header files for the compilation of mpfr.  Maybe the version of
mpfr you are trying to compile doesn't match that for which my VC6
project files were intended.

If so, you can use a DEF file approach to export by doing the things
that sisyphus has suggested in his post.

> I look forward to upgrade to Visual C++ 8 as soon as I can, and so
test the newer Gladman projects, but for now I'm stuck in VC6 and I
would really appreciate if anyboady can give
> me a tip for compiling successfully mpfr 2.0.3 with VC6 on Windows XP.

The VC++ Express product is a free VC8 visual development environment
that can be downloaded from the Microsoft site. This is a cut down
version of the Visual Studio 2005 product that doesn't support 64-bit
development.  You also need the 32-bit SDK.  But this version of VC8
_might_ build the 32-bit projects in my more recent VC8 GMP/MPFR build
projects (I am not sure if there are other limitations on VC++ Express).

I am happy to try to help if you run into any problems.

   Brian Gladman

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