help for Guile extension test suite

Marco Maggi marco.maggi-ipsu at
Wed Apr 5 22:39:53 CEST 2006


  I'm trying to complete a Guile extension that
exposes GMP functions not exposed in the Guile

  I'm not a math expert and I do not know where
to find computed results for mpz functions; in
a quick look at the GMP test suite I was not
able to find such results.

  Maybe someone here can help me to save some
time. I know that I'm abusing the list because
I could write a GMP program to compute and
print results, but knowing nothing about many
of the functions...

  I'm looking for results on the following
functions (the names are the ones I'm exposing
at the Scheme level):

mpz-powm mpz-sqrtrem
mpz-probab-prime? mpz-nextprime
mpz-gcdext mpz-invert
mpz-jacobi mpz-legendre
mpz-kronecker mpz-remove
mpz-fibonacci mpz-fibonacci2
mpz-lucas mpz-lucas2
mpz-scan0 mpz-scan1


(dotest 'mpz-jacobi-1.1
   (lambda ()
      (mpz-jacobi X Y))
  #:expected R)

what values can I substitute to X, Y and R?

Thank You for your time.

Marco Maggi

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